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My school bucks login – MySchoolBucks: login


Make your school payment very easy and plan your children’s to-do list to avoid getting worried about getting them to pack their lunches for the next few days or thinking to write a check for the upcoming field trip with MySchoolBucks.

What is MySchoolBucks school?

MySchoolBucks is a unique and innovative school management software. It is a cloud-based application that has been designed to be universally usable by any school, of any size and type.

MySchoolBucks provides an easy-to-use interface for parents and teachers, as well as all the features they need to manage their day-to-day lives at school. MySchoolBucks has been delivering powerful functionality since its inception in 2011.

MySchoolBucks provides a free, easy-to-use application for parents and guardians to access how much money is left in their child’s account at school. It also lets parents make deposits into their child’s account. The school bus can be used to find out what your child’s account balance is by entering the student ID number from their bus pass.

MySchoolBucks enables parents and guardians to check on the status of their child’s lunch balance, see how much they have spent so far this year, and get a quick summary of all their meal purchases. The app also gives a list of all upcoming orders for lunch, which helps families plan ahead and avoid going over budget for lunches.

MySchoolBucks is a free, easy-to-use online tool that helps families and schools plan and budget for school expenses.

The site was developed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue to provide families with a great tool for estimating their expected out-of-pocket costs.

Parents can use this tool to file information from their latest income tax returns, estimate what they will owe in taxes, get an update on the amount of their free cash from financial aid, and calculate how much they can expect to spend on clothing items.

MySchoolBucks is the leading provider of on-campus purchasing. It provides an easy, secure, and efficient way for students to conveniently purchase food, books, supplies, tickets, and more while on campus.

MySchoolBucks was established in 2013 by four graduate students at Harvard University who were frustrated with the inefficient methods of getting on-campus purchases. MySchoolBucks has since grown into a trusted name for dozens of universities across the country including Harvard University, Stanford University, and Georgetown University.

With MySchoolbucks you can purchase food from any location in your dining hall or bookstore. You can also buy items like textbooks or event tickets with just a few taps!

MySchoolBucks is a virtual school store where parents and students can purchase items from the school store to satisfy their needs.

The website offers a variety of items from clothes to school supplies, books, and even food.

Parents can use their credit cards to buy any type of item at any time as long as they have sufficient funds in their account. They only need to know the student’s ID number or the name of the student that needs the item.

Students can also use the MySchoolBucks website to buy food for their friends and family, send a care package with different types of snacks, or just donate a few dollars.

MySchoolBucks is an online school money management program for parents and students.

The most common question people ask about MySchoolBucks is “What can I use MySchoolBucks for?

My School Bucks is an online program that allows parents to access their children’s information and pay for school meals, after-school snacks, and a variety of other items. It is a safe, convenient way to manage your child’s lunch account from your computer or mobile device.

Here are some of the things you can do with MySchoolBucks:

– Make payments to your student’s school district, which can be done electronically or by check.

– Create a personalized budget plan.

– Pay your child’s lunch bill with funds from your personal bank account.

– Monitor contact information for your child’s school district, as well as contact information for all the schools in which they’re enrolled.

– Track your child’s grades and attendance record.

How to update your MySchoolBucks payment method

– Go to your name at the top of ” welcome, name”

– Select My billing account, edit or remove any existing payment methods ( to remove or edit your payment, click on edit to edit your payment method, to remove your payment method, click on remove to remove your payment method.

– To add a new payment method, tap on “Add account”

– Input your information at the period you add e-check payment method (Not all bank are accepted, only U.S. bank account are accepted when you add a credit card payment method

– Tap update, then your new payment method will be ready to use at the period of checking out

How to set up your MySchoolBucks automatic payment method

– Click on ” Get started” to set up auto-pay
– Select how you want to automatically fund your student account
– Select one of the methods stated through using the drop-down menu directly below ” meal accounts should be automatically funded”.
– Plan your payments to begin your exact date, then process on a reoccurring basis.
– Select on a recurring basis, date of recurring payment to begin should be selected from the ” starting on” Field, and a drop-down menu above this date is for stating the period on how payments are made often such as daily or monthly
– Payment can be done automatically when a student account goes below an actual amount
– Select “When balance falls below”, the user will choose an amount on the right or the user might choose “other” to input a custom amount.
– Select the actual amount that you need to be automatic for each student, this appears at the right of the student who has the account, choose other” allows for a custom payment amount, then choosing “$0” will avoid automatic payments by making it to the student account.
– Select your payment method, then tap on “Complete setup”, you can disable this anytime.

How to reset your MySchoolBucks password via mobile

– Go to
– Tap “Forgot your username or password ?”
– Tap the “Mobile phone number” option, ensure it is validated, it may be used to recover your password.
– Input your mobile number
– Tap “Continue”
– A text message will be sent with a validation code.
– Input that validation code through inputting then click validate.
– Answer your security questions.
– Tap ” Recover profile”
– Verify your username, ensure it’s correct
– Click” Reset password”
– Input a new password, then click “update”
– Tap Continue to access your account.

How to reset your MySchoolBucks password via email

– Go to
– Tap “Forgot your username or password ?”
– Tap the “Email address” option, ensure it is validated, it may be used to recover your password.
– Input your Email address
– Tap “Continue”
– A message will be sent to your Email address for password resetting.
– Answer your security questions.
– Tap ” Recover profile”
– Verify your username, ensure it’s correct
– Click” Reset password”
– Input a new password, then click “update”
– Tap Continue to access your account.

My school bucks app

Get your school meal payments very easy with the My school bucks app, secure and add money to your student school meal account using your credit card, electronic check, or debit card. Check your recent cafeteria purchases and recent meal account balances for each student.

– Pay anytime, anywhere, from your mobile phone or computer
– Get easy access to meal balances, purchases, and make payments through your phone.
Check your student meal purchases and recent account balance
– Quick payment for fees for students
– Low balance alerts
– Automatic payments
– Secure your account

Download the Myschool bucks app for iPhone and Android for free.


My school bucks login

– Go to
– Input your username/ Email.
– Input your Password.
– Tap log in to get access to your account.



MySchoolBucks customer care support

Contact MySchoolBucks to know what they can do for your school district on 1-800-803-6755

MySchoolBucks Parent Support

Send a mail to MySchoolBucks with the address below

Heartland School Solutions
A Global Payments Company
765 Jefferson Road #400
Rochester NY 14623




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