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Myprepaidcenter merchants – Mastercard Prepaid Card

Myprepaidcenter merchants: Myprepaidcenter com merchants | Myprepaidcenter com –  www Myprepaidcenter com


Mastercard Prepaid Card is very easy for shopping, travelling, and more, Mastercard Prepaid Card can be used where debit MasterCard is accepted. Spend your card in any merchants featured on their website and get 5% back for spending again.


Mastercard Prepaid Card is very easy for shopping, travelling, and more, Visit any myprepaidcenter merchants to reload your prepaid card.


Where can My Prepaid Center be used?

Use your My Prepaid Center anywhere debit MasterCard is expected, excluding gas pumps and ATMs.

What should I select credit or debit when using My Prepaid Center in the merchants’ store?

Click credit, not debit then sign the receipt, My Prepaid Center card is a debit card but that doesn’t mean you should select debit, Use the PIN you created while using your Mastercard Prepaid Card to purchase.


Does My Prepaid Center expire?

Yes, My Prepaid Center Card expires after midnight EST on the last day of the month of the exact valid thru date stated on the front card. Although, the funds don’t expire, request the other funds when the card expires by contacting their customer service.

Is PIN required for merchandise purchase?

No, your PIN is not necessary to make purchases. Although, you can create and use your PIN if needed. When you set up your PIN, Click debit to finish in-store transactions.

Does My Prepaid Center have cash access?

No, My Prepaid Center Card doesn’t have cash access, and can’t be used in the ATM.

What should I do before shopping online?

Sign in and register if your name doesn’t appear at the front of the card before using it online. Your valid billing address will be used by the merchant. Your card balance must cover the whole purchase amount, most online merchants do not accept multiple forms of payment.

How do I retrieve My Prepaid Center, expiry date, or security code?

To check card number details:
– If you have not linked your card to your profile
Ensure you input the card number option on the page display.

– If you have Linked your card to a profile
Ensure you sign in to their website with email and password at

How to use My Prepaid Center card

My Prepaid Center card balance should cover up to about 20%, or it will get declined. Few restaurants might check for authorization for up to 20% and can cover the bill gratuity. Transaction will be accepted or approved when your card balance cover the bill amount, with an additional 20%, when your card is declined
– Swipe your card for a lower amount.
– Include the gratuity up to the other card balance, and sign on the receipt.
– Make payment for the outstanding bill amount with the second form of payment.

The reason why My Prepaid Center card is declined?

1. Card swiped for more than the card balance.
2. Card used at a gas pump or ATM.
3. Card not activated before use.
4. Card swiped as debit without creating a PIN.

Why did My Prepaid Center card decline at the gas station?

You must go inside the station to use your My Prepaid Center card, the My Prepaid Center card will decline at the gas pump.

What should I do if My Prepaid Center card is stolen or lost?

Contact My Prepaid Center card on their customer line contact 1-877-227-0956 in the U.S and Canada (toll-free)

How long will My Prepaid Center card take to arrive after application?

Your Prepaid Center card will take 7-10 business days to arrive after the date of application.

What should I do before using My Prepaid Center card?

– Activate your card and input your card number on
– Sign in and know where the card is accepted through signing the card features.
– Check your card balance by signing in and visit the My cards page, it will be declined if the card is processed more than the value.

How to redeem My Prepaid Center card

– Go to
– Input your code
– Click ” Redeem code”, then proceed to the next page.


My Prepaid Center card contact service

– Lost and Stolen Line: 1-877-227-0956 in the U.S and Canada (toll-free)
Discover® cardholders: 1-888-842-0336 in the U.S. (toll-free), or 801-744-9918 outside the U.S. (tolls apply)
– Mastercard cardholders: 1-888-371-2109 in the U.S. and Canada (toll-free), or 339-234-6415 outside the U.S. and Canada (tolls apply)
Visa cardholders: 1-877-610-1075 in the U.S. and Canada (toll-free), or 801-214-8892 outside the U.S. and Canada (tolls apply)


How to sign in for My Prepaid Center card

– Go to
– Input your username
– Input your password
– Click on “Sign in”, then proceed.




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