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NEO credit card – How does it works?

NEO credit card – How does it work | NEO card


NEO credit card Neo is a Canadian tech startup that is redefining how people spend, save, and earn rewards. We’re assisting you in making the most of your time and money by starting from the ground up and utilizing today’s technologies. When you pay with your Neo Card, you’ll get instant cashback benefits at the places you frequent.

How does NEO credit card work?

  • Use the app to find all the places where you can get cashback.
  • Cashback offers are available when you pay with your Neo Card.
  • Instantly earn cashback from your partners and payout your money whenever you want.

In one tap, you may see all of your awards, your Neo Card information, and your spending history. When you make a purchase, get cashback, or it’s time to make a payment, you’ll be notified in real-time. Accepted everywhere Mastercard is used



What is the value of the cash back, and how do the rewards work?

Thousands of local and national Neo partners, including most major gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, and more, offer an average of 5% cashback. Simply pay with your Neo Card to receive automatic cashback incentives.


Who can apply for the Neo Card?

To apply for the Neo Card, you must live in Canada, have a Canadian photo ID, and be the age of majority in your jurisdiction. Credit scores from a variety of sources are accepted.


Do I need to pay any fees?

There are no recurring or annual fees. Neo card will assist you to
get the most out of your money so you can keep it and spend it any way you choose.


What is the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) for Purchase Credit?

The Neo Card’s Purchase Credit Rate / APR is 19.99 percent -24.99 percent.

The normal purchase and cash advance rates are determined by their evaluation of your credit application, credit profile, and province. For your specific rate, consult your Cardholder Disclosure at the time of application.


What is the minimum cash back guarantee and how does it work?

When you shop at Neo partners using your Neo Card, you get an average of 5% instant partner cashback. Neo card is so confident in the value this program provides to its clients that they promise at least 1% cashback every month. This implies that if your instant partner cashback totals less than 1% across all of your purchases at the end of the month for some reason, your neo card will top it up to 1%.


Is neo card safe?

Yes, You’re in control with Mastercard Zero Liability, which protects you from illegal transactions. In one tap, you can freeze (and unfreeze) your card.

Thousands of partners across the country are offering you an average of 5% in unlimited cashback. Begin earning money on your ordinary purchases right now.


Three ways to earn on neo card and how does neo card earn work?

  • Cashback at affiliates

Huge sign-up bonuses Guaranteed minimum cashback At thousands of local and national Neo partners, you may earn an average of 5% limitless cashback.

  • Huge sign-up bonuses

At thousands of local and national Neo partners, you may earn an average of 5% limitless cashback. On your first purchase, most partners will give you huge advantages, such as 15% cashback.

  • Guaranteed minimum cashback

Earn a minimum of 1% cashback on all transactions. They’ll top you up if your overall cashback goes below 1%.


NEO card sign up

Sign in to your neo account if you own an account through:


Neo card activation

For security reasons, your physical card now has a new expiry date and CVC code. Any online payment information you’ve saved will need to be updated with these changes.

  • Enter your card CVC ( three-digit number at the back of your card).
  • Enter month and year of your card
  • Enter your neo credit card number
  • Enter your four-digit PIN created when you applied for the neo card or was sent to you when you applied for Neo card.
  • Click on “Continue” when you input all required details.



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