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Online Login | Citizens: Citizen online banking – Citizen bank login | Citizen banking online


Check your balances and activity for qualified credit and deposit accounts with your online service. Create transfers on your citizen bank accounts or existing external accounts, transfer, e-statements services including stop payments are ready using your citizens bank mobile banking app and online banking. Earn 5% cashback on everything, if you spend up to $6,000 on your purchase in the first year, you will get 1.8% cashback after.


Is citizen online banking safe?

Secure your citizen bank online banking easily by verifying that you are the rightful owner of your account.


Citizen bank online banking login

– Go to
– Input your online user ID and password
– Tap “Login”
– Input your challenge question if requested for you to answer

Sometimes your username ID might be your ATM//Debit card number, then your password may be the last four digits of your SSN (social security number) alongside Abcd (8758Abcd).


How to login to citizen mobile banking

– Go to citizen mobile banking
– Login with User ID and password
– Click on ” Login”.


Citizen bank online banking sign up

Sign up for citizen online banking very easily with your social security number, personal information, account information on


Citizen bank online banking transaction

Check your bank history and current transactions, transfer funds inside and outside the bank, transfer customer service requests through secure email, request copies of statements, make payment bills, check images of cleared checks, open checking, loan, and savings account statements online and others.

You can use your online banking users can open their deposit accounts, investment account, loans and lines of credit, credit cards, and mortgages.

What account you can use to transfer from citizen

Transfer can be done from any checking, savings, money market linked to your profile. Transfer your money to any checking account, money market, savings, credit account, and most loan accounts. Account including IRAs or restricted products, you might not be able to transfer. Account should be eligible for online banking under your account profile.

Setup your “transfer between citizen accounts” of another customer.

For Assitance for signing up for citizen online banking

Contact Online Banking Customer Service at 1-800-656-6561 (or, for business customers, 1-877-229-6428).

How to request for citizen bank debit card

Get a citizen bank card if you have a citizen bank checking account, request your ATM/Debit card through calling 1-800-656-6561 or go to their local branch, for the business customers, contact 1-877-229-6428.

How to activate your citizen bank debit card

Activate your card very easily in three ways.
– Contact their toll-free number on your citizen bank ATM/Debit card sticker.
Activate your citizen bank debit card using your current PIN in any citizen bank ATM, this will be done automatically.
– Purchase with your citizen debit card with your current PIN in any point of sale terminal.

What is the cost of citizen online banking?

No monthly maintenance fee for citizen online banking, charges and fees occur if there are incidental occurrences with online banking, such as check copies, transfer outside the bank, charges, and fee by requesting stop payments or similar services.


Can transfer be made from citizen bank to another bank account?

Yes, you can sign up for the option of transferring funds between your linked deposit accounts with the bank and certain deposit or investment accounts at other banks, international transfers are not supported. Setup and verify your non-citizens’ bank accounts that you need to use for making transfers. Ensure you agree that you will make attempt to create and verify accounts for transfer you have authority to do.

How to use Zelle with citizen bank online

Send and receive money with Zelle through:
– Go to your citizen bank online,, or banking or mobile app.
– Click ” Send money with Zelle”“.
– Check and accept the terms and conditions and needed disclosure.
– Go through the enrollment steps and you are done with using Zelle.
Send money with Zelle to citizen bank online.
– select your recipient you sending money through your Zelle contact list or add the recipient’s email address or the U.S. mobile contact.
– Then add the amount you want to send, check the amount then click on “Confirm”.

How to retrieve citizen bank online user ID

Retrieve your citizen bank account online user ID
– Tap on “Trouble logging in?”.
– Click on “I Forgot my online user ID”

Go through the guidelines or instructions to verify your identity to retrieve your online user ID.

What do I do if my citizen bank debit card is stolen or lost?

Contact citizen bank for any fraudulent transactions at 1-800-922-9999.

Citizen bank customer care

General Questions:
1-800-656-6561 (personal bank accounts)

Business Questions:
1-877-229-6428 (online banking support)
1-800-862-6200 (account information)

Investment Questions:
1-800-942-8300 (Citizens Securities, Inc.)




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