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PikMyKid – School Login | Parent Registration and Log-in

PikMyKid – School Login | Parent Registration and Log-in | PikMyKid – PikMyKid school login | PikMyKid staff login


Get real-time tools to educate your children and give the best education, connect your schools, teachers, and parents with PikMyKid that is safe and important, you don’t need to depend on paper works or phone calls to the front desk.

Pikmykid is designed online where you use your PC or phone app for parents and guardians with a subscription. Pikmykid is designed to have a school dashboard where schools can operate with students and parent information.


Use PikMyKid on any devices and web browsers, Dispatcher dashboard is as well design on PikMyKid platform where members can control the real-time dismissals, this update is online since your parents made announcements of themselves in the dismissal lines.

Pikmykid parent app helps your parent control their dismissal changes, accept their notifications, and make announcements of themselves in the car or walk the line.


Feature of PikMyKid for Parents

  • Select permissions for certain days, times, periods, and pick-up modes.
  • Setting up repeat through the year or of any changes may occur.
  • Easily help their children to choose options (school care, tutoring, sports, or clubs) on a specific schedule for the school year.
  • Have the ability to mark their student absent on the app through their device.
  • Enable parents to receive real-time and free notifications from schools.


Feature of PikMyKid for Teachers

  • Helps to provide dismissal plans easily.
  • Helps to secure carpools, walkers, car lines, bus riders after school programs.
  • Saves time for teachers of an average of 7 minutes per day.
  • Helps to select dismissal activities for the day, such as, pick mode, delegations, changes, absent teachers.
  • Helps to customize groups through individual student names, bus routes, pick modes, grades, after-school programs, and classrooms.
  • Pikmykid helps teachers access their student’s calendars and see past, present, and advance pickup mode changes.


Feature of PikMyKid for Administrators

  • Reduce issue at the period of dismissal
  • Helps to secure digital pick up records and diminish liability
  • Administrators have the entire safety reports they need exactly on their dashboard.
  • They offer students different reports and all schools can have access to them.
  • They offer school with a free reporting system that value accountability.
  • Build strong communication through sending messages straight to parents’ smartphones.
  • They help in enabling latter options for parents.
  • They offer parents to mark their students absent.
  • They give quick alerts to pass on information to first responders, school staff, district officials, and law enforcement and they are very critical.
  • They allow all users of PikMyKid to enable “Panic Button, at the period when it necessary in the great safety tool.


Feature of PikMyKid for District

  • Provide tools where users can view school safety efficiency.
  • Provide updated setup information that will allow onboarding breeze.
  • Have full transparency with how important safety is been used in schools network.
  • Provided updated insights into aggregated and unique details about each and the entire school.


How do PikMyKid works?

They allow connection between parents and schools through app notifications, voice messages, and email. They offer tools to ensure kids are secured to ensure their parents are comfortable.

PikMyKid allows parents to know school pick stress-free, important and convenient for child safety. All this operates on their smartphone allowing the parent to control and manage who picks up their children, gets alerts of the time your children or kid enter a bus, walks home, carpool, or went for a school program.

Teachers can spend more important time with their students and lesson plans to help the students focus on what they are learning to set up better goals.


How much does Pik my kid cost?

Pikmykid is free for downloading, but charges only licensing fee that all services are included with it, immediately they got your school dismissal and find out solutions to them, you will be sent a cost estimate.


How can we notify parents about updates, emergencies, or weather changes?

Notification can be sent to all parents with PikMyKid, the app designs where student name, grade, bus route, pick up mode, classroom, and after-school programs. Notifications are free on PikMyKid with no costs, Their app also provides Newsfeed where you find updates about upcoming school changes, events, newsletters.


Pik My Kid school login for Student

  • Go to
  • Input your User ID given to you by PikMyKid.
  • Input your password given to you.
  • Tap on Submit to get accessed to your PikMyKid account.
  • If you forgot your password, Tap on reset to help you recover your PikMyKid account.



Pik My kid school login for Parent


Pik My Kid school login for staff

  • Go to
  • Input the email you used in registering for PikMyKid.
  • Input your password given you created when registering for PikMyKid.
  • Tap on the login to get access to your PikMyKid parent account.
  • If you forgot your password, Tap on “forgot password” to help you recover your PikMyKid account.


Pik My Kid support line

You can reach out to or call us at (813) 649-8028, you get a direct pick up on who to assist you through the process on the information you need to know about PikMyKid. Email PikMyKid @ 5005 W Laurel St, Ste 204, Tampa FL 33607.

Message them

They aim to reply to all inquiries within 1-2 days, but typically sooner, you can do that through the information below:



Customer Service



Pikmykid Parent Apps

Know your kid’s pick-up schedule and talk to your school directly through the App.
Download the PikMyKid parent app on your Android and iOs device.


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