Monday, June 27, 2022 | POF sign in | POF sign in | POF sign in | POF sign in – this is a dating site that is free, you can view profiles or meet new people, this site is one of the popular dating sites which gives an upgrade for as much as $80.68 if you need to get it full features. It one of the Canadian online dating services, which is primarily popular in Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Spain, and the United States.  This app is present in nine languages.


Is POF free 


This app is free of charge to install on your device, but if you want to enjoy it other values as a premium membership, this will cost you are $5.95 a month, this is if you are paying in one year advance also $9.80 per month if you are paying for just three months at a time. This allows your profile and messages to be unique to other members that have a special outcome.



How to sign in for POF | | POF sign in


You can create your POF account in just a minute without any stress, you just need to follow the instruction below in this site to get the process done.

  • Go to your browser or your device store, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi or have a data connection on your device.
  • Input the name or in the search bar shown in your device store or click HERE for the direct page
  • Tap on it to get it installed on your device
  • Now you have downloaded in on your device if you don’t have an account click on sign in to get yourself registered.
  • Follow the information on the website until you get yourself fully registered.
  • Now you are done, you now own an account with POF



How to log in to POF




Why you can’t login your POF account


  • Maybe there is wrong input of your username and password
  • Maybe you have forgotten your password
  • Maybe your account has been inactive
  • Maybe your account has been locked
  • Maybe POF serve is down
  • Maybe you have a network error.



How to verify your POF


  • You can only verify this on with your phone number
  • Input your phone number
  • You will be sent a 6-digit code by SMS, if you didn’t receive the SMS, be patient till the timer expire and you are asked to try to resend the code.



How to recover your POF password


You can also make use of this step in the POF app you have on your device installed.

  • Go to their official website or click on HERE for the direct page
  • Input the email which you used in registering for POF, then click on SUBMIT
  • You will receive a password reset email or link, you can try other email address
  • Log in to your mail account which you used in registering for POF
  • Click on the reset password reset link sent to you in your mail to change your POF password
  • You will be shown the next page to set up a new password, input the password again to confirm
  • Tap on Update password to reset POF account password successfully.
  • You will make use of the Update password to sign in next time you are logging in your POF account.


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POF app

POF can be accessed on our device as well as on our browser, you don’t need to go to the website any more, you can just make use of any easy step by just installing the app on your device, this app is applicable to both Android and iPhone, so these users can now enjoy the benefits. You can make use of the app as a pocket browser by making use of the app

For android users click HERE or HERE

For iPhone users click HERE



How to cancel POF subscription


If you subscribed making use of an External Service (e.g., Apple ID, Google Play), ensure that you cancel through your External Service, for further in more detail in Section 8a. If you subscribed to your Apple ID, your refunds are controlled by Apple/Google, not POF. You can ask for a refund from Apple through your Apple ID account on your phone or at


Users who make use of POF may ask for a refund by contacting POF Customer Service at, or by sending a mail or delivering a signed and dated notice that indicates that you, the buyer, are canceling this agreement, or words of similar effect.


Ensure that you must also include your name and the email address, phone number, or other unique means which you make use of when signing up for your account. Your notice will be forwarded to POF, Attn: Cancellations, P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA.


The Company’s business is conducted, in part, at 8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite 1400, Dallas, TX 75205. You may have these terms of use e-mailed to you by forwarding a letter to Terms Inquiries,


 P.O. Box 25472,


Texas 75225, USA.


Just as similar to Cal. Civ. Code §1789.3, you may forward complaints to the Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs by reaching them by writing to the Consumer Information Division,


1625 North Market Blvd.,

Suite N112 Sacramento,

CA 95834,


You can also contact them on telephone at (800) 952-5210.


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