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Prepaid Mastercard – Reloadable Debit Card

Prepaid Mastercard | Reloadable Debit Card | PayPal cash card

Paypal cash MasterCard is not a debit card or bank that gets deposits unless you enroll for a direct deposit, PayPal cash card is linked to your Paypal balance account. Paypal Mastercard cash card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, when opening an account for a new card in enrolling for the PayPal cash card, your identification will be needed to help fight against fraud, information such as name, date of birth, address, driver license or any other Identification will be required.

The withdrawal limit applies is $400 daily, for a non-moneypass ATM, you will be charged a $2.50 ATM domestic and international withdrawal fee, charges are not applied to moneypass ATM in the US foreign, charges apply to international ATM withdrawal. Visit their official website to learn more at PayPal US


How to buy online with Paypal cash card

Buy online with PayPal cash card, all you need to do is
– Get your PayPal cash card
– Set up direct deposit
– Apply for PayPal credit
– Add banks and cards
You don’t need to share out your bank or card information using the PayPal cash card in stores, merchants, and sellers.

How to manage your money with PayPal cash card

– Buy and sell crypto easily with the new PayPal cash card app
– Protect your cards, bank accounts, and digital wallet.
– Secure your subscription and house rent with your PayPal cash card
– Get interest of 0.40% APY when you create your savings goals.
– Government payments and paycheck will be automatically sent to you in 2 days.

Benefits of PayPal cash card

– Get 4 interest-free payments when you retail online in over millions of online stores with no late fees.
– Pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash.
– Make payment using the QR codes without using your cards or cash.
– Get cashback once you shop in the app and make future purchases

Feature of PayPal cash card app

Transfer money to friends and family
Pay bills and balances
– Secure your payments and receipts
Buy and secure crypto
– Enjoy an exclusive deal with PayPal

How to load your Paypal cash card digital wallet

– Go to your PayPal cash card app account
– Add your debit and credit cards or link your bank accounts
– Enjoy getting benefits on PayPal

Shop around with Mastercard, Visa, American express, discover or credit cards and enjoy earning rewards. Link your accounts using your bank account to make payments, online and send money around the world and in the US. Get a debit card reward when you shop with PayPal cash card.


How to add PayPal cash card for payment option

– Go to your cash card app, tap on the settings at the top corner, and select banks and cards
– Select the add button at the top corner to input your card manually or through the bank.
– Input your card info and verify it with your billing address, then tap “Link card”

What does PayPal cash card offer?

Paypal cash card offers cash withdrawal worldwide with over 32,000 fee-free moneypass ATM, Purchase goods with PayPal cash card with just a check out by tapping with your cash card, credit card check, minimum balance, and monthly fee are not charged. With PayPal cash card, your funds are secure and safe.

Is PayPal cash card safe?

Yes, Paypal cash card is safe and secure, when you misplace your card, your card will be temporarily locked by MasterCard, once you get your card, you can as well unlock it and enjoy using your PayPal cash card with your money intact.

How to add cash to your Paypal cash card

Spend as you like and shop online, send money to PayPal users after adding money to your cash card, add funds to your card, and shop everywhere Mastercard is accepted.
– Login to your cash card app
– Go to your wallet then tap “Add cash at stores”
– Select store and get barcode to show it at checkout
– Your money will be added to your balance within some seconds or minutes.

What you should know about cash check with PayPal

This is very easy with no paperwork of going to the bank, check deposit is available on the cash cars app, you just need to take a picture of your check you want to deposit, use this offer for a fee or 10 days for free (if you want your check instantly, you will be charged, if you don’t want instantly, wait for 10 days to get it for free with no charges)
– Go to your app
– Go to your wallet and click “Cash a check”
– Take a picture of both sides of your check signed, then tap “Next”
– Select when you need to accept or receive your money.

What you should know about bills payment with PayPal

Pay your gas, power, water bills then track your subscription online or using the PayPal cash card app. With the help of the new Papal app, you don’t need to go in person or check mailing to pay your bills, Use your PayPal balance or credit, debit cards, or bank accounts. Manage your bills payment using the app easily. Enjoy cashback of 2% using the PayPal cashback Mastercard or pay over time using the PayPal credit.

How to pay bills using PayPal cash card app

– Go to the app, select “pay your first bill”
– Check for your biller, then add account details and make payments.
– Track your bill date on the PayPal cash card app.

What you should know about direct deposit with PayPal

Enjoy access to your account immediately after you set up your direct deposit, you don’t need to go to the bank to get your check deposit, use the money in your PayPal balance to send and shop.

How to setup PayPal cash card direct deposit

– Go to the app, get started with a direct deposit form by identifying your employer or government agency
– Select how much you will add through each paycheck.
– Your e-signature will need to be added and it’s not shared or stored in the app.
– Submit and confirm your direct deposit form by selecting the review form.

What you should know about crypto with PayPal
Get started with $1 funds in your PayPal balance, ensure you go through the latest articles, and know the basics about crypto directly from the app. No digital key to lose since your crypto is protected by PayPal, once your account is hacked, PayPal will replace your crypto as a whole.
– Go to the app, click “Finances”.
– Click “Crypto from the dashboard.
– Select preferred currency, click buy, and PayPal will verify your identity by learning about digital currencies and how they work.

How to check out with crypto on PayPal

– Go to the app and complete your W-9 form in advance to use as your payment method.
– Payment options are available in crypto as long as you can pay in full.
– Your fund will be converted by PayPal into a crypto amount (USD) or any other currency with no charges.


Fees charges on Paypal cash card

Buying and Selling Crypto

Fees depend on the amount you buy or sell, no fee for holding crypto in your account.

Purchase or sale amount Fee
1.00 – 24.99 USD 0.50 USD
25.00 – 100.00 USD 2.30%
100.01 – 200.00 USD 2.00%
200.01 – 1000.00 USD 1.80%
1000.01 USD + 1.50%

Buying with PayPal

It’s free to use PayPal to receive or to pay for a purchase or any other type of commercial transaction unless it involves a currency conversion.

Online or in-store

No Fee (when no currency conversion is involved)

DomesticA transaction starting when both the sender and receiver are registered with or identified by PayPal as residents of the same market.

International: A transaction starting when the sender and receiver are registered with or identified by PayPal as residents of different markets

Receiving Donations

When you accept the User Agreement or the Generosity Network Terms and Conditions to send or receive funds (using one of the payment types listed below), PayPal calls that a “donation”. Funds sent or received through other products or services (not set out below) are not “donations” eligible for donations pricing.

The standard rate for receiving domestic donations

Payment Type Rate
Donate Button 2.89% + fixed fee
Generosity Network 2.89% + fixed fee
PayPal Checkout for Donations 2.89% + fixed fee

Receiving international donations

The fee for receiving domestic donations applies plus the additional percentage-based fee for international donations, check HERE  for more.

Additional percentage-based fee for international receiving
Payment Type Rate
All Donations 1.50%


Fixed fee for donations (based on currency received)

Currency Fee
Australian dollar 0.59 AUD
Brazilian real 2.90 BRL
Canadian dollar 0.59 CAD
Czech koruna 9.00 CZK
Danish krone 2.90 DKK
Euro 0.39 EUR
Hong Kong dollar 3.79 HKD
Hungarian forint 149.00 HUF
Israeli new shekel 1.60 ILS
Japanese yen 49.00 JPY
Malaysian ringgit 2.00 MYR
Mexican peso 9.00 MXN
Currency Fee
New Taiwan dollar 14.00 TWD
New Zealand dollar 0.69 NZD
Norwegian krone 3.90 NOK
Philippine peso 25.00 PHP
Polish zloty 1.89 PLN
Russian ruble 39.00 RUB
Singapore dollar 0.69 SGD
Swedish krona 4.09 SEK
Swiss franc 0.49 CHF
Thai baht 15.00 THB
UK pounds sterling 0.39 GBP
US dollar 0.49 USD



Sending international personal transactions

Payment method Fee
PayPal balance or a bank account 5.00%

  • A minimum international fee of 0.99 USD
  • A maximum international fee of 4.99 USD
Cards 5.00%

  • A minimum international fee of 0.99 USD
  • A maximum international fee of 4.99 USD
Amex Send Account 5.00%

  • A minimum international fee of 0.99 USD
  • A maximum international fee of 4.99 USD



Fixed fee for personal transactions (based on currency received)

Currency Fee
Australian dollar 0.30 AUD
Brazilian real 0.60 BRL
Canadian dollar 0.30 CAD
Czech koruna 10.00 CZK
Danish krone 2.60 DKK
Euro 0.35 EUR
Hong Kong dollar 2.35 HKD
Hungarian forint 90.00 HUF
Israeli new shekel 1.20 ILS
Japanese yen 40.00 JPY
Malaysian ringgit 2.00 MYR
Mexican peso 4.00 MXN
Currency Fee
New Taiwan dollar 10.00 TWD
New Zealand dollar 0.45 NZD
Norwegian krone 2.80 NOK
Philippine peso 15.00 PHP
Polish zloty 1.35 PLN
Russian ruble 10.00 RUB
Singapore dollar 0.50 SGD
Swedish krona 3.25 SEK
Swiss franc 0.55 CHF
Thai baht 11.00 THB
UK pounds sterling 0.20 GBP
US dollar 0.30 USD



PayPal Mobile app

Send, receive, buy, and sell with just one app with easy steps by just downloading the PayPal cash card app and benefit great offer, Download PayPal for Android and iOS


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