Sunday, September 25, 2022 | go student login | go student login student login student login – this is a full game that student love, this takes students to a very level and helps them to gain math fluency and confidence. Teachers and parents love the response that lets them control progress also appreciate success.


How to login to reflex math


  • Go to their website by clicking HERE for the direct page
  • Input your teacher username
  • Choose your class name
  • Choose your name from the list of students in your class
  • Input your password
  • Tap on the login button


Reflex app


This app lets it simple for kids to learn their math easily, they can easily log in to their account making use of maybe an iPad or computer to work as a student to become professional with their math. If you need to get this on your iPad download the reflex student app through the iTunes store. You can also click HERE for the direct page


How to reset password on reflex math


This is quite easy and simple; you can make changes of your password by following the simple steps below

  • Go to their website or you can also click HERE for the direct page for fast link
  • Tap on forgot password
  • Input your email that you used in registering for the website when you first created your account
  • Check your email that you used when you are registering for reflex if you don’t get any message in your inbox go to your spam/junk.
  • Tap on the link that was sent by reflex math in your email then go through the step to put in a new password. Make sure your new password is a minimum of six characters long.


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How to add students to reflex math

at the page where you first log in, you will find the “welcome to reflex math” screen helps you to get started. If you need to make use of reflex with student, all you need to do is to create a class then add students to it

  • Click on add your students to reflex to get started
  • Select on add a new student to add students manually
  • Input the student information in the new window. A page with * is needed, it better you are making use of the student ID number based by your school or district for further. Immediately you complete, tap on add student.
  • You will find your confirmation on the screen along with the student details, this you can also print as your login card. Tap on OK to exit then continue your new class where you need to add more students.
  • Now your class will be named “my first class” automatically if you need to change it, tap on class settings then edit the class name. you can decide to add an additional teacher or change the class owner, tap on save to finish.

How to retrieve my reflex math username or password

You can get this done in many ways in sending your login information emailed to you. Now you are login to reflex, there you will find “forgot your password” tap the bottom of the login area. Tap the link then input your email address to get your teacher or administration username and password that will be sent to you.

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