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refund for unemployment taxes – Unemployment Benefits

Texas unemployment login: Unemployment Benefits

Texas renders workforce development to employers that are seeking a job in texas. Texa manages to support and secure jobs for employers, communities, and individuals seeking a job.

How to apply for texas benefit

Before applying for texas benefit, some information will be required from you, including:
– First and last dates (month, day, and year) you worked for your last employer
– Information related to your normal wage
Social Security Number
– Alien Registration Number (if not a U.S. citizen or national)
– Last employer’s business name and address
– Number of hours worked and pay rate if you worked this week (including Sunday)
– A valid Texas Driver License number or Texas Identification Card number


How to login to texas unemployment services

Access your texas unemployment benefit online by visiting their website online:
– Go to
– Input user ID.
– Input your Password.
– Click on “I’m not a robot” to verify you before logging in
– Tap ” Logon” to access your account.

How to receive texas benefit

Receive your texas benefit in two ways easily with your ;
Debit card
Direct deposit to your bank account or credit union account

For applicants who are just claiming their benefits as a new claimant, your default method will be a debit card, if you need to change to direct deposit
– Click “No” on the other payment option page
– You will be directed to change your payment option screen

For applicants who have applied for benefits as returning claimants, the options screen displays the payment method that was filed by texas.
– Change your payment method, by selecting “Yes”.
– Finish the change payment options screen.
Ensure you verify your payment method or change your payment method if neccessary, to avoid difficulty when receiving your benefit payments.

How to change texas unemployment payment option

Change your payment option to direct deposit
– 9-digit routing number for your bank or credit union will be required
– Account number and account type with checking or savings as printed on a check, not a deposit slip.

Contact your bank if you are not sure of your routing number and account numbers before trying to apply for direct deposit, It takes eight days for texas unemployment to verify your account information with your bank. If your bank cannot confirm your information, texas unemployment will pay you through a debit card instead.

How to confirm your texas unemployment claim

Submit your application, then your program will show your claim confirmation.
– Print your confirmation page for records
– Click “Next” then proceed to the next step section.

If you can’t access your printer, you can get a printer in free local offices, then write down your claim information number.

Changes can’t be made online when you already submitted your application, to change your application call number 800-939-6631 texas on business. After you finished reviewing your claim confirmation page, click “Next” then proceed to the next steps for the requirements, and instructions section. Ensure the next steps section or your benefits may be delayed or you lose your benefits.


How long will it take texas unemployment application to be approved?

If you are eligible, your benefits will take four weeks from the date of application, and you will be paid into your US Reliacard if you signed up for a checking or savings account in any credit union or bank.

How to view claim and payment status

After you apply for your unemployment benefits, you can view your payment information
– Go to
– Input your user ID
– Input your password
– Click on “I’m not a robot” to verify if you are not a robot
– Click on “logon” the check your balance and payment status.


Texas Unemployment amount

Minimum and Maximum Weekly Benefit Amounts from 2010 to Present

Start Date Minimum WBA Maximum WBA
October 3, 2010 $60 $415
October 2, 2011 $61 $426
October 7, 2012 $62 $440
October 6, 2013 $63 $454
October 5, 2014 $64 $465
October 4, 2015 $65 $479
October 2, 2016 $66 $493
October 1, 2017 $67 $494
October 7, 2018 $68 $507
October 6, 2019 $69 $521
October 4, 2020 $70 $535
October 3, 2021 $71 $549



Texas unemployment customer care number

.Business hours are now Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Central Time, and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Central Time.

Call: 866-274-1722 – Employers only.

Unemployment Benefits & Claims – Employers

For employers’ help with managing unemployment benefits claims.

  • Tele-Center phone number & hours
  • TWC state office main number
  • Report fraud
  • Open records requests
  • Report broken links
  • Commissioner Representing Labor
  • Commissioner Representing Employers

Labor Market & Career Information

For help with career planning and labor market information for students and parents, researchers, job seekers and employers.

  • Call:
  • Email about labor market or career information:
  • Online service options:


More Program Contacts

  • Business Enterprises of Texas (BET)
  • Career Schools & Colleges: Call 512-936-3100
  • Child Care: Call 211 or use the Texas Child Care Solutions contact form
  • Dislocated Workers: Contact your Workforce Solutions office
  • Employers customized training with Skills Development funds:  Call 877-463-1777 or email
  • Employment and Housing Discrimination: Call 512-463-2642 or 888-452-4778
  • Foreign Labor Certification: Call 512-475-2571 or email
  • Job seekers customized training:  Contact your Workforce Solutions office
  • Payday, Child Labor and Texas Minimum Wage Law: Call 800-832-9243 or email
  • Texas Veterans Leadership Program: Call 888-838-8391
  • Trade Affected Workers: Call 512-936-2559 or email
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit: Call 800-695-6879
  • Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act: Call 512-463-2245


  • Email TWC Customer Relations:
  • TWC Ombudsman:  For information and complaint resolution regarding all TWC services, contact the TWC Ombudsman:

Unemployment Benefits & Claims – Claimants

For help with applying for unemployment benefits.

  • Tele-Center phone number & hours Tele-Center Phone Number and Hours Número de teléfono y horas del Tele-Centro
  • Online service options:
  • Automated phone service options:



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