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Spotify web player: Spotify has been the world largest streaming for music, you can listen to all kinds of music or podcast on Spotify to stream, you can enjoy all this on your PC, iPhone and Andriod, iPad and devices and lot more, Spotify render you the best and updated musics, Millions of track and episodes are available on Spotify, with Spotify you can enjoy any kinds of music when you are partying or clubbing, they got you the best episodes and track covered to enjoy your best moment


With all kinds of music and episodes you need, Spotify got you covered and we are sure you can put all your trust in them. With Spotify, you can search for celebrities, friends, artists collections, With Spotify, you can as well create radio and relax to see the outcome, you just have to subscribe and listen to music on Spotify for free


Categories on Spotify

On Spotify, they have  various categories for all music lovers, where they will be able to choose kind or categories of music which they want to listen to, they make their platform very easy to access where you can select the kind of music that you need to listen to, all categories on Spotify have primary parts

  • Top podcasts
  • Podcast New release
  • Only on Spotify
  • Podcast Playlists
  • Play your Part
  • Ture Crime Scene
  • Joe Rogan Experience
  • Educational
  • Comedy
  • News & Politics
  • Stories
  • Sports
  • Music
  • TV
  • Lifestyle & Health
  • Video games
  • Arts & Entertainment

All these Genres available on Spotify have primary pages, click on the genre you want to listen to or podcast on Spotify on the above mentioned above.


Throwback on Spotify – Spotify web player

On Spotify, they give throwbacks of music Favorites, where you find old schools and county music which are cool and means a lot of memory when you stream them, Spotify is one of the best in offering the best up-to-date, you can’t wait to know what favorites Spotify have as their throwback and they got all their music updated all time



Throwback favorites

  • Throwback Thursday ( Sing your heart out to these karaoke classics)
  • Doot Knocker ( Classics from trailblazing women in hip-hop)
  • Soft pop hits (listen to easy songs from the favorite artists)
  • Dance classics (Dance radio hits from the 90s and 00s)
  • 90’s country ( Country that made country cool)
  • I love my underground classics ( Essentials songs from the late ’90s, early 2000s)
  • Rock classics (Rock legends and epic songs that continues to make the mind roll)
  • Esencales ( Timeless Latin hits, solo tus favoritos)
  • ’80s jam session ( Get down and jam out to these throwback ’80s)
  • Throwback jams (Turn up with the biggest party tracks of the 90s)
  • Classic Acoustic ( Kick back with a chill collection of iconic)


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As we all know music is for some reason and they mean a lot when you are in a particular moment, Spotify also has sleep music in their throwback


  • sleep (gentle ambient piano to help you fall asleep)
  • Peaceful piano (Relax and indulge with beautiful piano pieces)
  • Deep sleep ( Soothing, minimalist ambient for deep sleep)
  • Night Rain (Pouring rain and occasional rolling)
  • White Noise ( Welcome to the sooting hum)
  • Floating through space (Ambient drone to make you feel weightless)
  • Baby sleep (Soothing instrumental music for sleepy babies)
  • Night storms (Comforting sounds of thunder and rain)
  • Sleepy Piano ( Calm piano music for sleeping)
  • Jazz for sleep ( let these jazz tracks lull you to sleep)
  • Classical sleep (Drift off to these peaceful classical melodies)
  • Dreamy vibes (Hypnotic bliss)
  • Sweet lullabies (Soft instrumental for the little)
  • Fall asleep (Relaxing music and sounds for sleeping)
  • Ocean Escapes (Relax to the sound of the ocean)
  • Gentle Rains ( Soothing sounds of gentle rains
  • Harp Lullabies ( Soft and calm renditions of songs for harp)
  • A sudden rainstorm (relax to the sound of a storm setting in)
  • Binaural Beats sleep (put yourself to sleep with delta frequencies)
  • Guitar lullabies (sweet lullabies on guitar for little dreamers)


Spotify are good in arranging music that suite moment, they have a music library that can help you focus when you listen to them on their playlist

  • Deep Focus (Keep calm and focus with ambient )
  • Peaceful Piano (relax and indulge with beautiful piano pieces)
  • lofi beats ( Beats to relax, study, and focus)
  • Jazz in the background ( Soft jazz for all your activities)
  • White Noise (Welcome to the sooting)

You can as well check on more music which can help you to focus on Spotify, they are few libraries that are not listed here, you can check on the Spotify website


Sometimes we do have a mood swings and don’t want to get anyone pissed off by staying alone, do you need music to help you feel relieved? Spotify got you covered and they got moods music library you can as well stream or podcast

  • Mood booster (Get happy with today’s dose of feel-good songs)
  • Feeling Myself (The hip-hop playlist (The hip-hop playlist that’s a whole mood
  • Party cove (The perfect soundtrack for a day on the water)
  • My life is a movie (Every main character needs their soundtrack)
  • BBE (bad b**** energy. Be blessed, be spicy)


Spotify got you covered with new popular released music which you can stream or podcast, they got you updated all moment you visit


New release popular music on Spotify

New Music Friday (New music from lizzo + Cardi B, Machine Gun)
Rumors (Feat. Cardi B)
Don’t be shy
Cold Heart (PNAU REMIX) (Elton John, Dua Lipa)
Just for me (pinkpantheress)



Is Spotify really free?

Listening to Spotify music is free, all you need to do is to create an account with Spotify or you can as well download the Spotify app and install it on your android devices and iOS devices. All you need to do is to download the app to stream and podcast to enjoy many music offers.



How much does it cost to use Spotify? – How much is Spotify premium

Music on Spotify is free of charge, Spotify premium plan that costs $9.9 per month. You will enjoy a lot offered on this plan and a lot of features, you need to go to your App Store, Google store and download the Spotify app and listen to or podcast music of your choice of the device which you download your Spotify app on, you can as well listen to music offline as well on Spotify.

Can you download songs from Spotify?

You can’t download music on your iPhone or Android devices with Spotify, but you can use some trick to get the kind of music you want to save on Spotify using your devices.



How to download your Spotify music on mobile

  • Create a playlist by going to your library tab, click on the playlist
  • Give your playlist a name, then add songs that you love listening to when using Spotify
  • Tap on the download on your mobile app

When you try this using the Spotify mobile app, you wonder where do the music move to right?

  • Go to your library back, click and move down to the screen
  • You will get a search box pop-up
  • Click on filters, tap on download then select how you need Spotify to sort your download
  • You will find all the music that you have downloaded and you can also listen to and podcast when you are offline.



How to download your Spotify music on PC

To get this done is very easy, you can download Spotify on your PC with the easy procedure,  This process is the same as the mobile app process. You can download it on Spotify using the desktop app.


  • Access the Spotify desktop app
  • If you don’t have the app on your PC, go to your PC app and download the Spotify app
  • Create your playlist > tap on add to playlist, through there choose an existing playlist or select new playlist to start afresh.
  • Go to your playlist, you will get the music, and hit on download.
  • Now, you are done, you will find a green arrow facing down that is close to the left side, this green arrow shows that the music playlist is available offline.
  • If you don’t have an interest in the music anymore, switch it to download off



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