Friday, July 1, 2022 login 2019 | BKN bank login 2019 | BKN bank login 2019 | BKN bank login 2019 | BKN bank – this is an online bank which is around the globe. This is a bank in which its digital money is spent. It has the entire characters of the normal bank with cryptocurrencies characters. This bank is operated by world-class companies also banks. Their website is


What you need to know about BKN

1. BKN is a crypto bank that has a blockchain system but based, unlike bitcoin that is decentralized.

2. It allows ICO and its BKS (shares) will be market on the stock exchange.

3. later 5 years, BKS that is 0.9 will decline the selling shares and will be marketed in for BKN at the exact value.
4. they have 24 hours online customer service.

5. Know Your Customer (KYC) that most country’s government approves for bankable entities as opposite the secret of customers in bitcoin.

6. Low transaction fees at 0.1% through the online exchange as opposed to others that are 0.2%.

7. At first $1 = 2credit = 2x (0.9bks + 0.1 BKN). that will after become $1 = 1credit = 0.9bks + 0.1 BKN.

8. in all months, 10% of the bank’s net revenue is shared within BKS owners.

9. You receive a certain % from all levels of below in the binary structure beneath you.

10. BKN is operated by big power players: IBM, Microsoft, HSBC Bank, Alibaba, Visa, Market Engine, PWC, Nab.

11. It operates as a bank where loans can be accepted but with limited Fiat and cryptocurrencies supported. Only that it is a flexible crypto-fiat banking system.

12) BKN bank arrives with Visa/master card ATM to withdraw worldwide.


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How to login BKN | login 2019 | BKN bank

 You can log in to this site through your web browser or your mobile device browser, you will need to tap on this link HERE to give you the direct link to log in.

 Input your NIK
 Input your password
 Click on enter
 Now you are logged in

Please ensure that you won’t be able to create a BKN account anymore, to access this as been denied, so please don’t make any attempt that you want to make any creation of this account. Only old users can access this site


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BKN address

To forward any complaint to BKN, you don’t need to get stressed on how to check on this, you are at the right place to get it, check below on how to get their information address

State Personnel Agency
Jl. Mayjen Soetoyo No.12 Cililitan, East Jakarta 13640
Tel. 021 8093008 ext. 4113 and ext. 4105
During Business Hours:
Monday – Thursday 08.00 – 16.00 WIB
Friday 08.00 – 16.30 WIB

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