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Standardbank-Standard bank savings account online

Standardbank – How do I withdraw instant money from standard bank | Standard bank savings account online – Standard bank


standard bank is an online banking Africa platform that offers banking to individuals who use standard bank both in Africa and abroad, with standard banks individuals can deposit pay, spending on cards, receiving direct debit cards, withdrawing cash and transfers.


Standard bank made it easy for new customers to open new accounts with them for easy payments and collections and third-party funds. Standard offers loans for customers and small business owner to grow their business needs. They also offer large investments solutions from small businesses with quick access to funds, to large businesses created to match up individual advanced businesses.


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How to open Standard bank savings account online

Can I open standard bank savings account online?

Yes, this can be done so easy rather than you visiting bank branches around your area, you can do it yourself at home, you can get this done very easy with easy steps, opening a standard bank account online is very safe, secure, fast and reliable on website for free with no charges. All you need to do is:

  • Go to on your browser.
  • At the right side of the platform, you will find “sign in to your accounts”“.
  • Choose for either or business online or internet banking, that serves as which account you want to open with standard bank.
  • Select the type of online bank you want to open with standard bank.
  • You will be directed to the next page where you have to tap on “Register”.
  • Fill in the information required by standard bank when opening the kind of account selected online.


How to withdraw standard bank instant money

How do I withdraw instant money from standard bank?

An individual can control their funds anywhere without using a bank account with instant money, funds or money can be sent to family, friends, and anyone with a cellphone number, you can as well received in any branch where ATM can be located or retail partners.

  • Go to standard bank ATM or retailer partner of standard bank.
  • Tap on “withdraw money”, input the amount you want to withdraw from your standard bank instant money.
  • Input your 4 digit voucher PIN that was created by instant money which will be received through SMS on your registered number with standard bank instant money.
  • Tap on the voucher to withdraw or redeemed, input the PIN to accept the cash.


How to add payee in standard chartered bank

How can I add a payee in standard chartered bank

Adding payee on standard chartered bank for fund transfers can be done easily, go through the steps below

  1. Tap on “Add a new funds transfer payee”.
  2. Enter your Payee Info.
  3. Confirm Payee details.
  4. Successful add SCB Payee.
  5. If you need to make a transfer, choose from the list of payees.
  6. Enter the fund transfer info.
  7. Input your “One Time Passcode” (OTP).
  8. The transfer was successfully submitted.
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