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How to start freelance writing with no experience

How to become freelance writer without experience:  How to start freelance writing with no experience| How to start freelance writing with no experience | start freelance writing with no experience | How to become freelance writer with no experience for beginner


Becoming a freelance writer is one of the best ideas as a career, Why should I be a Freelance Writer? You can be a freelance writer anywhere you are in the world, earn enough money, and become self-employed as your own boss with not much pressure from any end. As a freelance writer, you need to have a great experience before you can apply for paid job as a freelancer and you can as well work from home as a freelancer.


To become a freelance writer, you will need to build your experience just like exciting your body to gain some muscle and have good body fitness. You will need to catch up with your new client by writing for free for a while, you need to know how long you can go as a starter, that one of the reasons working for free at first is recommended to ensure you didn’t get the client angry if you did a free job, you will know your mistakes and work on it so fast and later you will know how to adjust your errors.


After building yourself as a freelancer, you can apply for a paid job since you know your worth. But we all know no one is perfect as we keep learning every daily basis, the more you get paid, the more you learn, once you are genius, you can make your stand on any ground to become a writer for any organization.


Who is a freelance writer?

Creating content for business and organization and other bug forum meetings are handled by a freelance writer, agreed with a particular fee after work done in the field you apply for. A freelance writer can work from home and decide to work from anywhere in the country and delivery the write-up to the organization or business organization is writing for, I guess this is so interesting. Let’s get along to know more.

As a freelance writer you can work anywhere as long you are good with your profession, you can work in any specialized fields such as SEO writing, Blog writing, Copywriting, Social media writing, Sales writing, Email content writing, business writing, resume writing, Journalism, Magazine and so more.


How will I know I’m eligible to be a freelance writer?

No one is born to be the best or to be an expert in anything in the world, they all learn from a process and they are now the best, why do you think you can’t be a professional? It’s not about finishing college before you become successful, some people went to college because they are forced to go to college, while some went to college because they don’t really understand it, even if you didn’t complete college, you can be part of the richest person in the world.

Everyone fails from a start, now they are now the best in handling techniques and technical issues very easily. The richest people didn’t finish college, some didn’t even attend college, but they focus and made things easy by working smart.
Becoming a freelancer is easy, you need to have sound skills in writing and a unique or decent grasp of grammar. You can check on free writing tools that you can use in improving your writing.

– Grammarly
– Hemingway Editor
– Readable
Google Docs


As a freelance writer, you can run your personal business and you will learn more skills in:
– Decent writing
– Marketing skills
Business and accounting management
– Editing skills

How to become a freelance writer with no experience for beginner

Explore your writing skill by seeking for who need a freelance writer. It’s very difficult to get new clients, but it’s preferable to start up for free to gain a solid writing portfolio. With this you will be famous or popular, with this, you can generate lots of traffic from clients and better rates.

– Linkedin Article

Most countries visit LinkedIn, entrepreneurs, business owners, brand promoters and more are on Linkedin, you can connect with lots of people on Linkedin who need a writer or their industry. You need to have an eye-catching or solid profile as a well-skilled professional as a freelance writer. Create an account with Linkedin, create a solid profile stating what you do and can do for people, don’t just create a writer that makes you look like a novice, create your profile like a professional, “I’m a freelance writer, I can help you with your e-commerce in gaining more traffic with SEO optimized content”., then add up other catching content that will allow people to connect with you.


– Blogging

Get an E-book or a blog to start writing, this will help you love writing and generate more skills in writing and improving your words and sentences. Having an e-book or blog help you draft and show off your content that you have written up so far to viewers or audience who are visiting your site or you showing your project work, with this, you can catch up with company, organization, social media owner who wants you to promote their brand or want you to write for them. A client who wants to offer you a job will check your writing skills or styles to ensure you are the right person for their job.



– Guest posting

Build up credibility as a new writer, a lot of famous and popular website with high traffic of audience visiting their site needs content writer, freelance writer. Sometimes you won’t get paid for this, but you will be asked to link articles in your bio to your blog or through a selected media account. With this audience who are reading the blog can click through the link and check out what you link, you can be noticed if you post high-quality posts, with this, you can get a company owner who can request you to be a publisher for them.



– Create a portfolio

Write content and save them if you don’t want to publish it online. You can as well share them if you want to online with your audience. If your project is been requested as a sample, you can attach the written content to the client who wants to check what you have written on so far if you are a blogger, you can provide your site samples, then if you decide to be a writes on products description you can as well tender out some samples Checking HERE.



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