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TextNow – Change TextNow number

TextNow – Free Texting & Calling App : Textnow verification code | Change TextNow number

Free calls and free Charges is what will love better than getting charged when making calls, text message, and video calls to your friends and loved ones, we prefer not getting charged after the pandemic have hit hard on lots of people, we all try to purchase and subscribe to what we use most time because we need to survive and cater for our loved ones and family, why getting new sim and paying to call your friends and loved ones? why don’t you get a free number to call, text messages, and video calls with no charges? call, text messages, and video calls with a strong wifi connection with Textnow for free all over the USA and Canada.



Textnow offer free number with $0 budget, use Textnow as your second number with the area code of your choice of free calls, text message, and video calls with no limits.

Features of Textnow

  • Respond fast to friends.
  • Long time calling with available network selected.
  • Support Bluetooth with iPhone users.
  • Caller ID.
  • Text tones, Vibrations, and backgrounds customization.
  • Free calls, video calls, text messages with no charges of $0 budget.
  • Conference calls.
  • Voicemail.
  • Group texting.


Textnow call rate

Call for low costs rates of $0.01 per minute. To call international calls, Subscribe to Textnow by adding credit to your Textnow account. Textnow is ads support ads that monetize through the ads, To remove ads, subscribe to remove ads. Textnow doesn’t charge monthly or yearly fees, Textnow is free.


Textnow SIM activation kit

Enjoy free calling and texting nationwide with Textnow sim and make no payment for phone service anymore, order your Textnow sim at the cost of $4.99. Get connected by calling, texting, video calls for free all over the world.


Features of Textnow sim

  • Call, text, video calls for free nationwide
  • Like pictures, video messages
  • Unlimited voicemail, group texting
  • No ads

Get fast reliable 4GLTE data coverage nationwide, use your social media apps and other apps on your mobile device with Textnow sim. Data packages for premium Textnow costs $19.99 for each month with no ads and any other charges. Check your for IMEI to see if your phone is eligible for Textnow sim on Textnow device checker HERE.


Buy TextNow smartphone and enjoy a 1-year warranty on all phones you get from Textnow, Get a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping and returns from Textnow, free nationwide text, and calls.


Textnow international calling and rates

Call friends and family from part of the countries, Textnow charge for the long-distance calls at an affordable rate, stay connected with Textnow to reach your family and friends outside the country, USA and Canada rate are free. Check Textnow international calling rate on Textnow international calling HERE.


How to change Textnow account

  • Change your account and profile on Textnow.
  • Go to your Textnow App, You are already signed in automatically if you have an account with them, if you don’t have an account with them just sign up to create your own account.
  • Click on the main menu button, then click on “settings” on the main menu.
  • Click on your profile and change your account.


How to change Textnow number

  • Change your number on Textnow if you decide to change your number with no charges.
  • Go to your Textnow App, You are already signed in automatically if you have an account with them, if you don’t have an account with them just sign up to create your own account.
  • Click on the “Menu” button at the top left corner, then tap on the settings icon.
  • Click on Account.
  • Click on the TextNow number.
  • Click on the Menu button.
  • Click Release Number to change completely, your previous number won’t be returned to you after these changes.


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How to delete my Textnow account

You can’t delete your account, you can only change your Textnow number to get rid of your previous number, free number given to you by Textnow should be used all time to avoid losing it, You can delete your TextNow app to get rid of your account, then you lose your TextNow number if you not using the Textnow number for that period. If you subscribe on Textnow, cancel your subscription the same way you subscribe on Textnow. Get your number back when you log in to your Textnow account.


How to track Textnow account

Don’t think of tracking Textnow number, Textnow number can’t be traced or tracked, TextNow doesn’t reveal information of anyone using TextNow number, Tracing or tracking TextNow number will be in vain and waste of time.


How to get a TextNow number

Get a new number from Textnow to call, text, video calls on Textnow App for free with no costs of charges, except international calls, video, text messages.


Textnow //receive verification code – Textnow verification code

Textnow receives verification codes, not all services support Textnow for receiving codes and setting two-factor authentication. TextNow doesn’t work with WhatsApp, WhatsApp don’t support Textnow free number, It only works with Textnow users who own the Textnow sim, or any individual who own the 2GB or 5GB data add-ons.



Textnow SMS App

Download TextNow on your iOS and Android device for free through your device on the Google play store or App store free.

In-App Purchases

  • Lock Your Number for 1 Year $4.99
  • Ad Free+ & 14-day free trial $9.99
  • Premium Subscription $2.99
  • $4.99 in International Calling Credit $4.99
  • Premium Subscription + 14-day free trial $2.99
  • Premium Number 1 Year $4.99
  • AdFree Lite $1.99
  • $9.99 in International Calling Credit $9.99
  • Premium Subscription $29.99
  • $19.99 in International Calling Credit $19.99


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