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The rock tested positive of COVID-19

Fortunately, the actor and former wrestling star made a statement in an Instagram video that he and his family are on the other side of their illness since they all tested positive three weeks ago.
I can tell you that this has been one of the most challenging and difficult things we have ever had to endure as a family,” he said. “And for me personally, too, as well, and I’ve gone through some doozies in the past.”


Johnson made a statement that his two young daughters, who are ages 4 and 2, show gentle symptoms, actually Dwayne johnson and his wife, Lauren Hashian, were a discrete story.
“But I am happy to tell you guys that we as a family are good. We are on the other end of it. We are on the other side. We are no longer contagious. And we are — thank god — we are healthy,” he said.

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He said he think they engaged it from close family friends.
Dwayne johnson supported others to be calm in extreme caution when peering with friends or family and taking measures — just like getting tested for coronavirus before meeting up and putting a mask on to stop the spread.
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Since the wellness recommended, Dwayne johnson also stated that he believes he gained from his general responsibility to his health.
“I’ve gotten knocked about and gotten my a– kicked a little bit in the past with some challenges, but testing positive for Covid-19 is much different than overcoming nasty injuries or being evicted or even being broke, which I have been more than a few times,


” he said. “The reason why I feel this is different is because my number one priority is to always protect my family and protect my children, my loved ones.”
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