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trump prepaid taxes

trump prepaid taxes


trump prepaid taxes: Trump Paid $750 in Federal financial gain Taxes in 2017. Here’s the Math. Figures are drawn from President Trump’s tax-return knowledge show however that range was calculated.

the little quantity of federal income taxes President Trump paid in 2016 and 2017 — simply $750 every year — has become the main target of abundant attention since it had been revealed in very investigation. The figures below, drawn from Mr. Trump’s tax-return knowledge for 2017, show however his accountants received that figure for one amongst those years.


Donald J. Trump’s financial gain in 2017



Includes pro-rated presidential salary and small amounts for film and television appearances.



Taxable interest

Almost $6 million of this is interest income from his investment with Vornado Realty Trust.



Ordinary dividends

Includes $13,123 from trusts established by his parents and $7,000 from Deutsche Bank.



Capital gain and other gains

Profits from the sale of property or other investments.



Pensions and annuities

Includes a Screen Actors Guild Producers pension of $77,808.


Losses on his businesses

Losses after deducting expenses from the $536.6 million in gross receipts at Mr. Trump’s core businesses.


Other income

Losses from prior years, counted with other income, further dragged the total into the red.




though Mr. Trump donates his pay to the government, it’s subject to revenue enhancement in conjunction with his other earnings. however as a result of Mr. Trump’s overall income was negative, he failed to owe regular income tax on any of it.

He was, however, still subject to the choice Minimum Tax, a parallel legal system that reduces the good thing about some deductions, preventing loaded folks from erasing their liabilities altogether. Most significantly, the A.M.T. formula disallowed $45 million in losses that Mr. Trump had carried over from previous years.

however, tax laws gave him a new line on that to cut back the A.M.T. Mr. Trump had $22.7 million generally Business Credit, abundant of it carried forward from prior years, that he might apply. The credit could be a smorgasbord of tax incentives and givebacks to business owners, and in Mr. Trump’s case, they ranged from credits of $322,926 for social insurance and health care taxes paid on worker tips to a minimum of $1.5 million concerning rehabilitating the previous Post workplace in Washington.

The business credit can not be accustomed get a refund; it will solely be applied against taxes owed. Mr. Trump had quite enough to wipe out his $7,435,857 tax bill. however, on the shape 3800 for the final Business Credit, his accountants subtracted $750 from his allowable credit. Why they did that’s not clear. however, the result was a complete federal revenue enhancement liability of $750.


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Alternative Minimum Tax


General Business Credit


Total income

tax due

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