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 Upgrade card login – Card upgrade sign in

 Upgrade card login – Card upgrade sign in


The upgrade is a financial technology firm that provides mainstream customers with inexpensive and responsible credit through credit cards and personal loans, as well as free credit monitoring and education tools to help them better understand and manage their money.


How to activate upgrade card

Please call 877-418-3405, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to activate your Upgrade Card with a personal credit line.


How to add my card to apple pay or google pay

Add your Upgrade Card to your digital wallet of choices, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, so you can pay with your device at participating retailers.


Is it possible to add my card to my phone or device?

The Upgrade Card may be connected to Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing you to pay at participating merchants with your phone.


How to transfer from a bank account to upgrade account

While you can’t transfer existing debt sums directly to your Upgrade Card, you can make an online withdrawal and have monies sent directly to your bank account. You can make payments toward the balance you choose to pay through your bank after the funds are in the account of your choice.


How long does it take for my upgrade card to arrive?

Please allow 7-10 business days for your card to arrive after your application has been approved. You can access your temporary virtual card by logging into your account online while you wait for your permanent card to arrive. Your virtual card’s card number is a temporary number that differs from the card number on your permanent physical card. Before you set up any regular payments, wait until you have your physical card.


Where can I use my card?

You can use your Upgrade Card to make purchases in stores or online. You can also make an online withdrawal from your account to have monies remitted to your bank account. You can’t get cash from an ATM or get cashback when you use your Upgrade Card to make purchases at a store.

How to use a contactless upgrade card

Simply move your card over the reader when you’re ready to pay at a contactless-enabled terminal. The card does not need to touch the terminal; nevertheless, for the greatest results, it should be held flat within one to two inches of the contactless sign on the terminal.


Do upgrade charges fees?

There are no annual fees, no fees to make a draw, and no penalties for paying early. There are no fees on the Upgrade Card with a personal credit line. There are no fees to open the line, and there are no yearly fees.

How to log in to upgrade card

Account and cardholder of upgrade card can access the site if they account already with upgrade card if you are yet to have an account, sign up and register, to login your upgrade account.



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