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Visa prepaid processing – visa prepaid processing EDD

Visa prepaid processing – visa prepaid processing EDD : Visa prepaid processing bank of America


Prepaid Card is a debit card, Prepaid Card is not a credit card, Prepaid Card is given to an individual by their sponsor for business funds or personal funds card. Prepaid Card business card is also used for business purposes and can be used only to order or purchase goods and services directed to you by your sponsor apart from personal use, family, or household purposes.


If you are a sponsor or you are being sponsored, the sponsor has the authority to terminate your card if they wish to at any moment. For safety and protection, you can ask your sponsor if there are any additional restrictions.

As a sponsor, you can issue card a new card to who you want to sponsor rather than a check for reimbursing you for travel expenses, an award, paying sales commissions. The money in your Prepaid Card belongs to you, not your sponsor anywhere MasterCard debit card, visa debit card is accepted in the world. Access your funds 24/7 with both fund types, use the card anywhere MasterCard debit card, visa debit cards are accepted in stores, online, mail, online. cash fund with your Prepaid Card at Cirrus or Visa ATMs worldwide.

Why is Prepaid Card not a credit card?

Prepaid Card has funds to be loaded by your sponsor and you are not allowed or able to load the card yourself. Prepaid Card is not a credit card, use your Prepaid Card till your finish your entire funds in your Prepaid Card. Additional value might be added by your sponsor if it’s reloaded Prepaid Card, if you try to load the card yourself, the card will show an alert “Non-Reloadable” and then your card is expired, then you can trash it away.


Benefits of Prepaid Card

– Get your account information and customer service 24/7.
– Secure your fund access on your Prepaid Card.
– Purchase, order, goods everywhere MasterCard debit card, visa debit card are accepted.
– Manage and control your Prepaid Card with funds in it, use the money you are requested to spend as designed by your sponsor.
Prepaid Card is secure with Bank of America zero liability policy, you will be notified with time if there is any theft or fraud. Check other benefits of a Visa prepaid card HERE.


is it compulsory you sign the card if your name is not on Prepaid Card?

Yes, even if your name on the card, you should sign in the signature panel on the back for retailers should validate your identity.

What happens if I have a card that doesn’t have my name on it, and I receive a replacement card in the mail that has my name on it?

After getting your card from your sponsor that doesn’t have your name on it, you might be qualified to accept an upgraded personalize card in your mail after an unexpected number of deposits or calendar days. After you get your upgraded personalized card mailed, ensure you activate your card once you get it. 30 days opportunity from the date of issuance is given to activate your new card. Immediately you activate your card, the current balance will be sent to your new card then your old Prepaid Card will be inactive.

How do I get my Prepaid Card PIN?

Your four-number PIN is assigned with your Prepaid Card account number and can be known to only you. After you contact the service number or go to their website stated at the back of your Prepaid Card to activate your card, select a PIN. The PIN is a security code to your account for entire pinned point of sale purchases and ATM transactions, ensure you study or memorize the number and don’t give it out to any third party. Your PIN is the key access to your Prepaid Card account to help you withdraw local currency with a card by bank of America, cirrus, visa, or other bank ATM around the globe based on how your card is programmed. Permission of cash access can be determined by the sponsor. Use your Prepaid Card PIN at any grocery and store to get cashback.

How to change my Prepaid Card PIN?

Reset your PIN by visiting Bank of America ATM and click “more options”, then click ‘Change PIN”. Visit to check for bank of America to reset or change your prepaid card PIN, you can as well contact their customer care helpline to change or reset your PIN on 1.866.213.8564, you can as well call their customer line if you forgot your bank of America prepaid card PIN, they are available 24/7.

How to register for Prepaid Card

Register your prepaid card by visiting or call 1.866.213.8564 to register your prepaid card.


How to check my Prepaid Card balance

Go to their website by logging in to, sign in to your account, check to find your balance, check your prepaid card balance by calling 1.866.213.8564, you will be directed to speak with an agent and you might be charged.


How to activate the Prepaid Card

Activate your prepaid card on, input your 16 digit card number, tap “continue and input the last four digits of your social security number, you can activate your card by calling 1-866-213-8564, they are active 24/7, you can be used or active when your card has been activated and your have set up your PIN.


How to purchase using the Visa Prepaid processing Card

Bank of America prepaid card is accepted anywhere MasterCard debit cards, visa credit cards are accepted. Click the “credit” button on the terminal pad, then you will be asked to put your signature on a receipt to make your purchase, your PIN might be requested by some merchant if you are making a purchase transaction.


How to get cash when purchasing with the prepaid card

You will be offered cashback with purchases from lots of merchants, grocery, and convenience stores, click the “debit” button on the terminal pad, then use your PIN to finish your transaction. The amount to be withdrawn is determined by the merchant.


Can Prepaid Card be used at more than one merchant?

Yes, if you have sufficient funds on your card, you can use your card in any place you want, as long as your sponsor did not restrict the offer of where you can use your card.


How to use Prepaid Card for online purchases

Anywhere MasterCard debit cards, Visa debit cards are accepted, you can purchase online as long you have registered and activated your bank of America prepaid card before making an online purchase.


Can Prepaid Card be used to pay bills?

Yes, you can use your prepaid card to pay bills if you have funds in your card, as long as your sponsor did not restrict the offer of where you can use your card.


How to use Prepaid Card at an ATM to withdraw cash

Use your card to withdraw cash at any ATM having Visa or Cirrus logo, as long as your sponsor did not restrict the offer of where you can use your card. No charges of fees for bank of America customers using thousands of bank of America ATMs in the United States to send funds, deposits, account balance, and withdraw cash. You can charge if bank of America customers withdraws, transfer and balance inquiries through ATMs at any other bank.


Can money be added to the Prepaid Card and can money be transferred to another account?

No, only your sponsor can add more money to your card and transfer cannot be made to another account.


What should I do if the bank of America Prepaid Card is lost or stolen?

Contact bank of America prepaid card for free on 1-866-213-8564 to forward a report of your stolen or lost prepaid card, they are active 24/7, your bank of America card will be canceled or terminated, your previous card balance will be transferred to your new card apart from the stolen or lost replacement fee.

Can I spend all of the funds on the Prepaid Card?

Yes, you can spend the funds to a $0 balance if the card is reloadable, the additional value of the card can be added by your sponsor, no reloadable card should be trashed away.

Customer care assistance available for bank of America prepaid card

Get access to them by calling bank of America prepaid card on 1-866-213-8564
Automated account information options include (English/Spanish):


Respond to questions about transactions on your account statement

  • Update your profile
  • Reset your PIN
  • Process statement requests
  • Investigate fraudulent transactions
  • Process lost, stolen, or damaged cards
  • Request an emergency card replacement


How long does it take for New or replacement debit cards to arrive?

it takes 4-6 business days for New or replacement debit cards to arrive in your mail from the date of bank of America prepaid card application. If you need your New or replacement debit cards very fast, download the bank of America prepaid card app and request for the digital version of your card, add a temporary version of your card to a digital wallet, then use it in any bank of America cardless ATMs, stores and more. Everyone is not eligible for this digital version.



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