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Visaprepaidprocessing EDD California EDD debit card is an electronic system for accepting Unemployment insurance, paid family leave payments, and Disability. The Visaprepaidprocessing California EDD card is to minimize the fraudulent acts and it’s made to offer access to benefits payments.


The Visaprepaidprocessing California EDD is not a credit card, credit check, it is valid from 3 years the day of application.

Benefits of visaprepaidprocessing EDD California EDD card for unemployment

– It’s safe, secure and your PIN is protected to help your access your visaprepaidprocessing California unemployment, Family Leave Payments, and disability.
– The visaprepaidprocessing California card can be used to purchase online, in-store, or through phone and you can get offers on cashback.
– Visaprepaidprocessing California Unemployment card can be used anywhere Visa card is accepted in the world.
– Visaprepaidprocessing California Unemployment card as no monthly maintenance fee and you can get your cash very fast in any Bank of America tell or ATM location near you.
– Your card can be accessed 24/7 if you need to check your visaprepaidprocessing California unemployment card balance and history.
– Contact their customer service 24/7 for toll-free.

Visaprepaidprocessing California EDD card login

To log in to your account and claim your benefit, check the guidelines below.
– Go to
– Input your Username
– Click the “Continue” button and follow the next instruction to proceed.


 Visaprepaidprocessing California EDD card ATM cash withdrawal fees

In-network of bank of America ATM or Visa Teller cash for withdrawals should be avoided for fees and service charges.

ATM is provided for bank of America around your location for free, you will be charged $1 per transaction fee if you use an out network ATM after using it for free in two months.

Transactions outside the united state is a $1.00 fixed fee with an additional 2% conversion fee for every international ATM cash.


Visaprepaidprocessing California EDD card Fees and transactions fees

– $10.00 fee for any replacement card with express delivery
– $10.00 fee for any replacement card with international delivery
– $15.00 fee for emergency cash transfers added through the Prepaid Debit Card Customer Service Center.

How to contact State of California EDD

To forward complaints about unemployment, Paid family leave, and disability for toll-free customer service on 1-866-656-5913.,

Unemployment Insurance

Phone number:
English and Spanish: 1-800-300-5616
Cantonese: 1-800-547-3506
Mandarin: 1-866-303-0706
Vietnamese: 1-800-547-2058
California Relay Service (711): Provide the UI number (1-800-300-5616) to the operator
TTY: 1-800-815-9387

Disability Insurance

English: 1-800-480-3287
Spanish: 1-866-658-8846
California Relay Service (711): Provide the DI number (1-800-480-3287) to the operator
TTY: 1-800-563-2441


Paid Family Leave

English: 1-877-238-4373
Spanish: 1-877-379-3819
Cantonese: 1-866-692-5595
Vietnamese: 1-866-692-5596
Armenian: 1-866-627-1567
Punjabi: 1-866-627-1568
Tagalog: 1-866-627-1569
California Relay Service (711): Provide the PFL number (1-877-238-4373) to the operator
TTY: 1-800-445-1312

Payroll Taxes

Phone: 1-888-745-3886
California Relay Service (711): Provide the Payroll Tax Assistance number (1-888-745-3886) to the operator
TTY: 1-800-547-9565


Workforce Services

For general workforce services information:
Phone: 1-916-654-7799
California Relay Service (711): Provide the Workforce Services number (916-654-7799) to the operator


Labor Market Information

For labor market information questions, comments, or suggestions:

Phone: 916-262-2162
Fax: 916-262-2352
California Relay Service (711): Provide the Labor Market Information number (916-262-2162) to the operator

Small Business Advocate

Small Business/Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE) Advocate
Phone: 916-654-7241

By Mail

Disability Insurance or Paid Family Leave
Employment Development Department
PO Box 826880 – DICO, MIC 29
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001


Employment Development Department
PO Box 826880, MIC 33
Sacramento, CA 94280-0225


Language Access Complaints

Equal Employment Opportunity Office
PO BOX 826880, MIC 49
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001


Labor Market Information Division

Employment Development Department
PO Box 826880, MIC 57
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001


Legal Office

Employment Development Department
Legal Office
800 Capital Mall, MIC 53
Sacramento, CA 95814


Tax Assistance: Employers – General Correspondence

Employment Development Department
Tax Support Division, MIC 93
PO Box 826880
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001


Unemployment Insurance

Employment Development Department
PO Box 826880 – UISD, MIC 40
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001

Important: Do not mail unemployment appeals, applications, or claim-related materials to this address. Follow the instructions on your forms and requests from us, and use the mailing addresses listed there.


Workforce Services Branch

Employment Development Department
Branch Support Unit
PO Box 826880, MIC 69
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001

California EDD Card unemployment can be contacted for the following

– Report a lost or stolen EDD Debit Card
Check your balance
– Change your PIN
– Review transaction history
– Register a complaint about your CA EDD Debit Card
– Questions about card usage
– Questions about international card usage

How to activate California EDD Card unemployment card

How to active visaprepaidprocessing EDD online

– Go to
– Input your visaprepaidprocessing California Edd card number
– Tap “Continue” then follow the next instructions to activate your visaprepaidprocessing EDD card.

How to activate visaprepaidprocessing EDD by phone

Call visaprepaidprocessing bank of America EDD card on 1-866-692-9374, or contact them toll-free on 1-866-656-5913, PIN setup of 4 – digits will be required to start using your card.

You will provide the following details to create your PIN

– California EDD VISA Card Number
– Last 4-digits of your Social Security Number
– Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
This process has to be done before you can receive your benefits, without this, you can’t receive your benefit payment.

How to check for visaprepaidprocessing bank of America check balance.

– Go to
– Input your username
– Tap “Continue”, follow the instruction on the next page to proceed
– Click on “Check balance” your balance in your visaprepaidprocessing California bank of America will be displayed to you.



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