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whatsapp dark mode

Whatsapp dark mode

whatsapp dark mode – all social media platform are now going viral in there dark mode that makes there platform looks exciting as ever when chatting,  in this site we have written on Instagram dark mode, twitter dark mode, gmail dark mode now we are bringing dark mode to your door step for you to enjoy better benefits as ever.



Dark mode is one of the trending mode in social media right now as we all know and notice, dark mode is quite better than light mode because it enable us to see write up clearly that are in white font, dark mode turn our phone background to black and the font turn white,  this helps us in seeing what is written in any platform of our device clearly


This dark mode is present for both Android and iOS device, the steps below that will be outline in this site on how to turn on your whatsapp dark mode will be stated. All you need to do is to follow the steps correctly and make sure you read it carefully to avoid confusion.


Whatsapp dark mode for Android

This is for users of Android version 9 and 10

  • Access your whatsapp through the app drawer or your home screen
  • Click on the action overflow menu that looks like three vertical dots at the right top corner
  • Click on settings.
  • Tap on chats.
  • Select themes
  • At the choose theme dialog box, choose dark
  • Here you will find the platform switch to a dark theme.



  • Whatsapp settings
  • Click on chats
  • Tap on theme
  • Choose dark


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Whatsapp dark mode for iPhone (iOS)

The dark mode whatsapp is present for updated version of iPhone that must be of iOS 13 or greater version. To get the settings done on your iPhone all you need to do is to

  • Go to settings – display & brightness
  • Then make sure you click on the switch to change it to dark mode


  • Go to your app menu
  • Click on settings
  • Click chats
  • Click Themes
  • Choose dark


  • Whatsapp settings
  • Click on chats
  • Tap on theme
  • Choose dark



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